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Macbook repair Norwalk, CT

Global Reach, Local Service
Device ER combines the resources and credibility of a large company with the convenience of local service. We do repairs in-house.

 Cost Savings
Schools benefit from significant cost savings by self-insuring their devices and outsourcing their repair work to Device ER

 Plan Tailored To Your Needs
Regardless of the size of the district, the type of deployment, or the devices you deploy, we will work with you to create a customized, cost-effective plan to meet your needs.

 Fast Turnaround
We can turn many high priority repairs around within 24 hours to minimize your device downtime.

 Limited Lifetime Warranty*
We stand behind the quality of our work. If the original repair fails, we will fix it for free under our warranty program*.

 Flexible Service Agreement Commitment
We can offer you flexible service agreement terms that are customized to meet your needs.

iPad & Chromebook Repair For Schools
Getting a quote for your K-12 technology is quick and simple.

Cracked Screen
Cracked screens are by far the most common type of damage we see among K-12 electronics. If cracked screens are hindering your students’ ability to learn.

Malfunctioning Software
Malfunctioning Chromebook software can make it nearly impossible for students to get work done. When you’re in need of a Chromebook tune-up, depend on the professionals.

Camera Issues
When your school-issued Chromebooks are in need of camera repair services, count on the expert technicians  at Device ER.

Your Repair Options

Water Damage
Liquid damage to a Chromebook doesn’t necessarily mean the device is a goner. With a little help from Device ER, your student’s Chromebook will be up and running in no time.

Broken or Muffled Audio
Functioning audio is vital to a student’s learning experience. If a school-issued Chromebook is suffering from broken, muffled, or distorted audio.

Faulty Battery
Don’t let a faulty Chromebook battery impact your students’ ability to learn. we offer, cost-effective battery replacement services.


Dell Chromebook 11  / Dell Chromebook 11 
Acer c720 Chromebook / Acer c720P Chromebook
Samsung Chromebook 1 / Samsung Chromebook 2
HP Chromebooks
Lenovo N20 / Lenovo N21 Chromebooks
Asus Chromebooks
And Many More!

Bring in For Repair

Our professionally trained technicians are experts in tablet repairs and laptop repairs for schools. From Chromebooks and iPads to MacBooks and Microsoft tablets, we fix school-issued and student-owned devices of all makes and models.

Your school district or educational establishment can count on Device ER  for fast turnaround, cost savings, and limited lifetime warranties. We create a tailored plan that fits both your budgetary needs and repair needs. 
Rest assured, we have a vested interest in the success of your students as a business owner in your community.

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